Between the hammer…and the anvil…

Author: Hamid Aouad*

The intrinsic worth of a human being is an inherent part of one’s knowledge, ingenuity, education, ethics, credibility and output. Therefore, any judicious assessment to gauge a personal merit should hinge on the magnitude and the authenticity of these assets.

But unfortunately chaos and obliviousness generate absurdity, which taunts the intellect,
and scorns academic and moral values. That is why such an environment becomes a breeding ground and hunting territory for the werewolves and their clones. Then in a flash incompetent and uneducated mobs, and fake credential holders emerge and pounce on public assets and snatch undeserved offices in information media, and judicial, legislative and executive authorities. Havoc ensues and hell engulfs public life.

In the midst of the conflicts shaping the configuration of the region, the People of Lebanon endured heavy losses from the fierce onslaughts simultaneously perpetrated by “packs” of werewolves who gnawed their guts and undermined the foundations of their country to the point of near extinction and ruins.

It took a concerted and steadfast effort, exerted by zealous patriots and expatriates, in coordination with powerful political lobbies in the USA, France and the European Union, to foil every attempt to “ingest” Lebanon, by helping it recover its status from having been a military Syrian settlement, an Iranian satellite, and a haven for some terrorists, to becoming again a free sovereign and independent country. As Lebanon resisted resiliently the invaders in the past it is currently emerging as a recovering titan.

Throughout their ordeal, conscientious Lebanese recognize, and appreciate the continuous support of the UN and esteem, as their own, the sacrifices of the servicemen in the peacekeeping missions.

Those international soldiers were targeted by salvos of terrorist attacks, which eventually expanded its span and struck significant landmarks around the world.

Such shocks awaken many from their slumber and led them to realize that remote areas in the world are much closer to the backyard of the Free World than originally expected.

Those developments have prompted drastic and preventive measures to shut down “the cloning labs” of terrorism, and to purge its hotbeds, so the world may become the safest haven for its inhabitants and a secure guardian to its natural resources.

By the same token, rigid retrograde regimes have been prodded to modernize and espouse freedom and democracy. They remain spurred onto this path to attune their people and institutions to the rhythm of tolerance, peace and prosperity.

Advanced weaponry will not shield malicious intentions lurking under suspicious claims to reject this new world order. It is rather considered to be a threat to the world’s security and ought to be deterred.

The shining example of a civilized pluralistic nation epitomized by Lebanon is invoked to dissipate the darkness and the gloom prevailing in the Middle East. It is groomed to model the evolving Global Modern World, which transcends geographical borders to embrace the humanity in a realm of brotherhood and harmony.

To assert this conviction, just as UNESCO sponsors into its custody important historical sites around the world and proclaims them as international heritage sites, the UN security council, by issuing the Resolution 1559(thanks to the USA and France), has consecrated Lebanon an international “sanctuary” for edifying democracy and nurturing Human Rights.

It is held up as a model for the regional countries to emulate and presented to the world as an auspice of peace galvanized by diversity and charted by constructive debate.

Resolution 1559 is the international version of the “Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration” Act passed by the USA Congress, so thanks to the Lobbyists, to the authors, to the Congress and Senate members and to President George W. Bush.

This convergence of unwavering wills is the most effective instrument to escalate the pressure on the Syrian Regime to pull its army out of Lebanon, escorted by its intelligence apparatus and staff, including its radar (which failed to detect the “enemy” but succeed in monitoring the Lebanese and even “sense” their intentions).

The scope of the rejection of Syrian hegemony over Lebanon is widening, as several Lebanese politicians simultaneously plead in different ways for the withdrawal of the Syrian military from the country “toward” the border with Syria. They are also calling for the cessation of Syrian intelligence’s interference in Lebanon’s internal affairs and for the stage to be set for a fair parliamentary election law, mapping small electoral districts, which is suitable for a genuine representation of the Lebanese population (which should also include the expatriates).

Adversely, the pawns of the Syrian Regime in Lebanon are fervently instigating the “Melting Pot Syndrome” in one electoral district, as it allows the balance to tilt in favor of the “dynamically” prolific segment of the population and the improperly naturalized citizens weighted with “resurrected” dead riddling the voters lists.

This “deluge” is an instrument manipulated by the Syrian and Iranian Regimes to "swamp” Lebanon and have a firmer grip on its decision-making and its destiny.

Governments around the globe perceive the ripples of similar long-term bids to change the demography, topple the political institutions and reverse the course of progress.

The world is monitoring closely the tight alliance between the Syrian Regime and its Iranian “Godfather” and Guardian who is “exporting” its “might” to expand its “Empire”. This partnership is doomed to failure, for the dawn of freedom, of renewal and open cooperation is imminent and its illumination is soon going to dissipate the dense darkness.

At a comparably fast rate the patience of the people of Lebanon and that of the Free Nations is running out, while many international political figures persevere in warning the Syrian Regime about the gravity of the consequences should it fail to promptly abide by the terms of Resolution 1559.

The deceitful ploy of dodging responsibility, misinterpreting provisions, extorting by threats of retribution or assassination and harboring terrorists in large numbers in order to “trade” them individually for a bounty on the International Market, will not earn its designer, the Syrian Regime, any loot, but rather deception and sanctions.

This Regime and its brokers, spin-doctors and puppets should brace for impending simultaneous accountability audits where the “hammer” of the “Accountability…” Act is ready to deal them calculated blows on the “anvil” of the Resolution 1559.

Will this Regime continue to take risks by venturing in maneuvering bids or will it attempt to save its neck by recalling its army and bringing it home to fix what has been corrupted?

As the New Year, 2005, opens its doors, we hope that hearts and minds will open up for gathering and conversing, and we implore the purification of the consciousness and the memory as a prelude for congeniality and solidarity so we can enjoy serene, just, peaceful, and prosperous living.

Let us converge in our efforts to render the New Year, 2005, a source of goodness and blessings to all people in the global human society!

* Engineer and academician, analyst of Lebanese affairs.

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